Your parents and a startup company?

Business advice is one of the easiest things to access for a startup company.  Internalizing that advice is often the challenge.  For example, take the notion that you need to become indispensable to your customers.  You can do that by having a corporate culture strong on relationship building and which demonstrates a commitment to the relationship in every transaction.  Your outcome will be a customer or client who enjoys a strong sense of bonded loyalty to your company or product.

Consider the elements that bond you and your parent together.  Enhancing one that already exists or building one from the bottom up takes someone who is masterful at the art of creating effective, meaningful and honest relationships.  If your strategies work for your business or career, there is an excellent likelihood they can be embraced and enjoyed with your parent.

If your parent has consciously internalized that you are his or her best friend, when trust in your commitment to their security and well-being is without doubt, you will have the much sought after outcome and position for which you have been working.  You can move mountains of obstacles with the unforeseen advantages of a bonded rapport with your parent.

Making things happen and producing the anticipated results is power-packed thinking for a business owner. It is mandatory thinking for the business woman/adult child whose destiny has called her to be the caregiver for a family member.

Businesses can thrive on this concept and so can a sincerely wonderful relationship with your parent.

In Business Woman’s Guide To Caregiving, I use the principles developed by running Family Staffing Solutions, Inc and my experience as my mother’s primary caregiver to provide you with the tools you need.

Business Woman’s Guide to Caregiving Kirkus Reviews says: “Bookner uses business practices as analogies for understanding the dynamics of the parent-caregiver relationship, as when she treats caregiving as a form of customer service”.

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Business Woman's Guide to Caregiving by Becci Bookner

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