Something About Christmas


“Something About Christmas”

Paperback $10 #14309-11 With great amazement, some of us have figured out that Santa is not a character exclusively for youngsters. If this idea is a curiosity for you, then Something About Christmas is the perfect place to look for answers because it sparkles with holiday treasures from days gone by that are just waiting to be unwrapped and shared anew by our grown-olders and their families.

Something About Christmas is a holiday visit to a whimsical place of memories carefully preserved but not dimmed by the years where each chapter is filled meaningful and unique insights about this special time of year. Becci ends this book with Santa’s favorite cookie recipes and some holiday menus shared by his neice, Christine Claus. To purchase, please click on the highlighted GREEN link at the beginning of this text.

Author: Becci Bookner, Founder and President of Family Staffing Solutions, and nationally renowned consultant, speaker, and lecturer.

Christine Claus’ Holiday Recipes are available by clicking on the “News and Reviews” page, in the menu bar above.

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