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Something About Christmas


“Something About Christmas”

Paperback $10 #14309-11 With great amazement, some of us have figured out that Santa is not a character exclusively for youngsters. If this idea is a curiosity for you, then Something About Christmas is the perfect place to look for answers because it sparkles with holiday treasures from days gone by that are just waiting to be unwrapped and shared anew by our grown-olders and their families.

Something About Christmas is a holiday visit to a whimsical place of memories carefully preserved but not dimmed by the years where each chapter is filled meaningful and unique insights about this special time of year. Becci ends this book with Santa’s favorite cookie recipes and some holiday menus shared by his neice, Christine Claus. To purchase, please click on the highlighted GREEN link at the beginning of this text.

Author: Becci Bookner, Founder and President of Family Staffing Solutions, and nationally renowned consultant, speaker, and lecturer.

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Special Little Books Gift Pack

Becci's Bundle Bonanza!

With love from the author, readers and fans of Becci’s writing can purchase a Special Little Books Gift Pack. Buy all four inspirational books for the price of 3!

The Gift Pack Titles include: Something About Christmas, Patterns of the Heart: Inspirational Thoughts on Aging, Good Manners for Great Caregivers and Cooks who Care.  We would be pleased to gift wrap this lovely pack of books for you and send them on to your loved ones.

Put it in Writing

Put it in Writing Set

“Put It In Writing”



 Your family lineage. Your personal requests. Your financial records. All of these are part of the landscape of your life. And, because no one has all the answers when it comes to effective and foolproof planning for the events of life as they unfold, this spiral bound organizer features a collection of 400 exercises, requests, collection of ideas, instructions, and forms designed to ensure your final wishes are carried out “The Way You Want” now and in the future. Imagine the relief you and your loved ones will feel when you complete your Put It In Writing plan, and have all of your personal, business, and financial documentation in one, easy-to-access place. You and they will also enjoy your Put It In Writing plan as a joyous way to celebrate your legacy of heirloom information and keepsakes that can be treasures for children, heirs or even close friends, for many years to come. To purchase this easy-to-follow and extremely beneficial organizer please click on the highlighted GREEN link at the beginning of this text. Thank you.