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Business Woman’s Guide to Caregiving:
A Kit of Tools For the Heart

BWG updated cover - 2nd editionBeing the caregiver for your parents and successfully balancing a professional career is not only possible – it can be a life changing opportunity to do both. While many women abandon their career to care for parents, you will have the tools to be successful in meeting the demands of both your personal and professional life. With appropriate resources for the job ahead and proper care for your heart, it just might become the most rewarding adventure of your adult life. Your soul will be surrounded by a celebration of purpose in life that is unmatched in meaningful outcome.
At 84 pages, Business Woman’s Guide to Caregiving is an uplifting read full of simple tips and warm thoughts.   See our Review.

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“Put it in Writing” Organizers

Create a legacy of personal history and family heritage information as you organize your important documents.

“Put it in Writing” provides an easy step-by-step, page-by-page tool that will allow you to pull information and documents together in one place. “Put it in Writing” is available in several formats. Order the organizer that fits your lifestyle and get started today.

“Put it in Writing” Keepsake Calendar

Calendar  $20 #14309-12

One day at a time you can create your legacy of heirloom information and keepsakes plus organize all the other important documents .  Put this keepsake calendar on your breakfast table and fill it out one page a day. “Put it in Writing” Keepsake Calendar compliments either  the Deluxe or Spiralbound “Put it in Writing” organizer which you can purchase below or it is complete by itself. Order your calendar today and make plans for life the way you want to live it.  To purchase the calendar, click on the highlighted link above.


“Put it in Writing” Deluxe Binder

Deluxe $30 #14303-09


Your family lineage…Your personal requests…Your financial records… All of these are part of the landscape of your life. Because no one has all the answers when it comes to effective and foolproof planning for the events of life as they unfold, this Deluxe organizer features a collection of 400 exercises, requests, collection of ideas, instructions, and forms designed to ensure your wishes are carried out the way you want now and in the future. Imagine the relief you and your family will feel when you complete your “Put it in Writing” organizer, and have all of your personal, business, and financial documentation in one easy-to-access place. You will also enjoy your “Put it in Writing” organizer as a joyous way to celebrate your legacy of heirloom information and keepsakes that can be treasures for children, heirs or even close friends for many years to come. To purchase this easy-to-follow and extremely beneficial planner, click on the  highlighted link above.


                "Put it in Writing" Softcover Spiralbound Organizer     “Put it in Writing”

Softcover Spiralbound $20 #14304-09 

The  “Put it in Writing,” spiralbound book includes the same collection of exercises, requests, collection of ideas, instructions and forms that are included in the Deluxe binder however, this format is compact and more adaptable for quick access and easily fits in a briefcase. To purchase this edition, click on the highlighted link above.

“Put it in Writing” e-Book edition

e-Book $10 14322-1

You  may prefer to  order the “Put it in Writing” e-Book ” for only $10. The easy to follow 61 page e-Book is ready for immediate download. If you would like to purchase the e-Book,  click on the highlighted link above.

There is no better time to begin writing down your important thoughts and wishes. Choose the “Put it in Writing” organizer that fits your lifestyle and order it today.

Other Violet Ink books you will enjoy

“Patterns of the Heart” Gentle Thoughts on Aging

Hardback $20 #14301-09

Paperback $10 #14302-09

“Patterns of the Heart” is a quiet reflection and loving appreciation of the nature of growing older…a wonderful exploration of the abundant blessings waiting for us, as we age. To purchase this book in either the hardback or paperback edition, click on thehighlighted link above.


New Patterns cover

“Patterns of the Heart” Inspirational Thoughts on Aging

Paperback $10 #14308-11

Becci was inspired by her mother Grace, age 98, to write this edited version of “Patterns of the Heart.”  This book really captures reflections on the divine nature of aging as well as the wisdom and grace that come with advancing years. There is also practical advice on how individuals and family members can navigate through this stage of life. To purchase, click on the highlighted link above.


“Cooks Who Care”

Spiral Bound $10 #14306-09

Serving up a delicious collection of easy to make meals, “Cooks Who Care” is a compilation of top recipes created by real caregivers. This book is dedicated to the special caregivers everywhere who lovingly give their time to prepare sensational meals. From great tasting appetizers and salads to entrees, “Cooks Who Care” is full of simple, easily-prepared recipes that require just a few ingredients.This is the ideal cookbook for anyone whether caring for a young family or an aging loved one. The readers are encouraged to cook with 2 cups of love and a spoonful of kindness. Bon Appétit!  To purchase the cookbook, click on thehighlighted link above.


“Good Manners for Great Caregivers”                        

Paperback $10 #14305-09

More people are inviting caregivers into their homes, whether family members or paid care providers. “Good Manners for Great Caregivers” is a one-of-a-kind resource with quick, easy to understand principles and guidelines for proven caregiving success.  It is meant to inspire and encourage you to share more of yourself with those time-tested ways of good manners and proper etiquette.  Chapters include: Power Packed Words, In Public Places, While Sharing a Meal, and Manners to Warm Your Heart. To purchase this book, click on the highlighted link above.


“Something About Christmas”  somethingaboutchristmas

Paperback $10 #14309-11

With great amazement, some of us have figured out that Santa is not a character exclusively for youngsters. If this idea is a curiosity for you, then “Something About Christmas” is the perfect place to look for answers because it sparkles with holiday treasures from days gone by that are just waiting to be unwrapped and shared anew by our grown-olders and their families. “Something About Christmas” is a holiday visit to a whimsical place of memories carefully preserved but not dimmed by the years where each chapter is filled with meaningful and unique insights about this special time of year. This book is wrapped with Santa’s favorite cookie recipes and some holiday menus shared by Mrs. Claus. To purchase this book,  click on the highlighted link .above.

Special “Little Books” Gift Set

Becci's Bundle Bonanza!

Special “Little Books” Gift Set $30 #16550-11

The Gift Set is a great gift idea for any special occasion. Select all four “Little Books” for the price of 3!  The Gift Set  includes: “Something About Christmas”, “Patterns of the Heart”: Inspirational Thoughts on Aging, “Good Manners for Great Caregivers” and “Cooks who Care.”  The books are mailed in our unique gift box packaging perfect for any special occasion. To purchase the special”Little Books” Gift Set, click on the highlighted link above.

Suggested additional reading opportunities…

From time to time I discover a book I can recommend to my readers. You Can Do It is just such a book . See below for the particulars.


     You Can Do It $21.95
    ” A Stroke Survivor’s Guide to Independent Living”
    By; Daniel A. Host


Because stroke injures the brain, one may not realize that they are having a stroke. Family members  and others around the stroke victim might not know it either. Daniel Host, author of this book was in a coma for ten days after the incident and then began his long journey back to his previous life. You Can Do It follows his life post-stroke, his rehab and recovery. Being so personal and written by someone who could be any one of us makes the story more real and heartfelt. If you would like more information about You Can Do It or would like to purchase, contact JCD Publishing through this highlighted link.